Welcome & What To Expect

When I was in my last year of school, it was pretty much drilled into our minds that we would go to a respectable university in Britain to study a respectable degree. Which fair enough worked out for some of my classmates, but for me lead to an extremely turbulent 2 years after leaving school. 

My solution to feeling so young and without a sense of direction meant that I applied to Medicine in Germany and Economics in Scotland to keep my options open. I was accepted to study Medicine in Germany and had 5 unconditional offers for Economics in Scotland. Admittedly, moving to Germany scared me at the time so I chose to study Economics with Finance at The University of Edinburgh in 2015.

edinburgh photo

Turns out I hated Economics. Truly, hated it. I found the subject extremely boring and on a great day it was mildly interesting. I wanted out and fast.

In Summer of 2016 I applied for a 2017 Summer Semester start for Medicine in Germany which I have accepted and will now start on the 10th of April 2017 at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen. (Saying I’m nervous is a MAJOR understatement.)

This blog will highlight the differences as well as similarities between the application processes, uni life, student living, opportunities etc. I am writing this blog because I know it won’t kill me and it has potential to be fun. More importantly, I realised that this blog may help people with their further education who are going through a similar situation or are genuinely interested about how life differs in Germany to Scotland.

Each of my blog posts will have a fun German word of the day. Who said reading was boring?

Additionally, since I will be studying medicine, I will include a cool medical fact about the body in each blog post too!


German Word of Day:

die Himbeere
– meaning Raspberry
– pronounced ‘Him-bear-eh’

Medical Fact of the Day:

Whenever we touch something, our body sends a message to our brain at a whopping 124 mph.


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