Uni Application from Hell

When I first told people that I was moving to Germany they all quickly replied asking if I was nervous. They’d watch me intently as I calculated a suitable answer. Truthfully, I was extremely nervous one second, then genuinely excited to move country the next. I guess I just had no idea what to expect but having moved away from home before made me somehow calm(-ish) when I needed to be.

My application process to study in Germany wasn’t the smoothest ride. Roller-coaster emotions to say the least. Firstly, the application portal hochschulstart.de was the most confusing website I had ever used. Secondly, there are several ways of being accepted into medicine and I was accepted on the second last day possible (24th of February). I’d almost given up hope and was genuinely dreading having to keep studying Economics in Edinburgh. Thirdly, once I had found out, I needed to accept the offer, fly out to Germany to matriculate in person at the university student office and organise accommodation in Tübingen all in two weeks. High stress!! Fourthly, I had applied for medicine in Germany two years ago and been offered my first choice at the time in Freiburg. So the pressure was on to get accepted again.

When it came to leaving my friends and family I was really quite sad and nervous. Yes, I have family in Germany but they are over four and a half hours away by train. Yes, if I really needed to come home for anything I could take a plane home but the flights cost over £200 with only two direct flights a week. Yes, I have great friends who I really value but you can’t help to sometimes think that life goes on back home, your friends may unintentionally be too busy to keep up with you while you’re on the other side of Europe. Yes, your family will always be there for you no matter what but there is definitely a certain comfort in knowing that your family are in the same country.

So how was the actual moving you ask? Truthfully, I met so many friendly people and had multiple things going on every day with other medics that I had no time to truly miss anyone or anything. I also came to realise that I needed to trust that everything will work out and if anything got a little tricky I could learn a lot from working through it.

Comparing myself moving to Germany than when I moved to Edinburgh two years ago is truly night and day. I think the two years to mature and learn more about myself has greatly aided a smoother transition into uni life this time round. With benefit of hindsight, I was too young and unsure to start studying straight after high school.

So far, I truly love Tübingen.

Yup, that is a massive marble vagina behind us.

German Word of Day:

die WG (Wohngemeinschaft)
– meaning a flat share
– pronounced ‘vay-gay’ (vo-nn-geh-mine-shaft)

Medical Fact of the Day:

If your cheeks are blushing, so is the lining of your stomach.


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