10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Moving To Germany

I was checking out my calendar when I came to realise that I moved to Germany six weeks ago. Six?! Sure these last weeks have been intense, full-on and hard work but I have had the best time so far.

I remember before my move to Tübingen, my father would keep telling me of other blogs raving about Tübingen and additionally made me watch all YouTube videos available to do with Tübingen or student life in Germany. Obediently, I read all the blogs (well, most of them) and watched each second of each video. I’ve always found it hard to trust what a random person on the internet has to say about these sort of matters. Personally, I needed to see and experience Tübingen’s student life to really understand the hype. However, some things did catch me in the last few weeks that I wish I’d known in the first place.

  1. Germans don’t text – they WhatsApp
    If you’re moving to Germany and don’t have WhatsApp on your mobile phone then sort it out. Even Grannies have WhatsApp here. People do everything over WhatsApp here. I’d advise one to prepare for the following replacements to emojis that Germans tend to use:
    Yes, I heavily cringe too but it seems totally acceptable here. Pretty sure I was fourteen years old when I last used that kind of emojis.
  2. WhatsApp Status & profile picture mean everything
    Germans treat their WhatsApp status with great respect. Why? Not a scooby either. Statuses usually consist of deep quotes or catch phrases while profile pictures are just as important as a Facebook profile picture back in Scotland.
  3. Denglish exists
    English is everywhere; movies, Youtube, Facebook memes and the news. Sometimes they use it in everyday language too. Admittedly it always makes me giggle when Germans are describing something and whip out the word ‘nice’ or ‘easy’, plonk it in a german sentence and carry on in German like normal.
  4. I no longer feel German
    Back in Scotland I always say I am German. Here, I feel obliged to clarify that I amgerman maths from Scotland. Now that I am in Germany I feel foreign.
  5. Maths is ever so slightly different
    These small differences can really make your head ache after a whole day of uni.
  6. Germans are healthier
    If your German friends invite you round for dinner, don’t expect a simple meal, junk food or a ready-made meal. Expect all sort of vegetables to be included, salad and investment of time. Germans like their food.
  7. Forget social media stalking
    Hardly anyone has Instagram, Twitter and if you’re lucky some will have Snapchat. Even then, they don’t use Snapchat anywhere to the same extent as back in Scotland. Regarding Facebook, most only have about three photos, an empty timeline and a profile picture from 2006. Oh, and that’s if you can even find them on Facebook due to the fact that most people don’t use their full name on Facebook.
  8. Adapters anyone?
    Every single electrical appliance you will bring with you needs an adapter. Yes, every single one…your hair dryer, your straighteners, your lamps, your phone charger…everything.
  9. You sure you’re going to wear that?
    Girls, wearing what you wore back at home on a night out probably isn’t acceptable here in Tübingen. Feeling bold? Expect some dirty looks.
  10. Android vs. Apple
    In Scotland almost all my friends had an iPhone. In Germany, iPhones are definitely in the minority. That means a lot more snapchat videos resulting in eye sores from the bad Andriod camera snap stories. (From the few people who use Snapchat)


Das Handy
– meaning: the mobile phone
– pronounced: ‘Heh-nn-day’


Next time you eat spicy food and notice the burning sensation in your mouth, remember that the sensation is picked up by pain receptors and not taste buds.


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