About Deb

Formally ‘Deborah’ but call me ‘Deb’.


I secretly dread when people ask where I’m from. Only because, I have German and Italian parents, I was born in Glasgow (Scotland) and I moved to Australia after I was born for 2 years. Nonetheless, my go-to reply usually goes along the lines of, ‘I feel German but I was born in Scotland.’

I love all things outdoors. If I could, I’d ski all year round (I LOVE LOVE LOVE skiing), but running, hill walking and windsurfing are dear favourites to me too.  What can’t you love about being high up in the mountains, paddling about in the sea or staring out onto open-country plains? When it comes to sport, I see it as a way to travel, make friends, create memories and ultimately, have fun.

Truthfully, I feel a little awkward describing myself so I asked some of my closest friends to describe me. These were their honest replies:

-No filter
-Quirky, adventurous and up for anything
-Always looking for new adventure
-Fun and bubbly individual

My Cat Topolina

Naturally, I have many hobbies and pastimes but my favourites include reading classics, making Handbags for VVA Handbags, spending hours on Youtube watching Jon Olsson Vlogs and watching the BBC Planet Earth Series. As a massive animal lover, I am ridiculously obsessed with my cat named Topolina. Her name means female mouse in Italian but my father chose to call her Topolina after his kayak called Topolino. At least it’s not a boring name, right?


Enjoy my truly weird and wonderful world through this blog.


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