Sticker Mania

Ever heard of a sticker wall?

I love FREE stickers. You love FREE stickers too? Wuhoooo, listen up!

Honestly, I had never heard a sticker wall as such but I came across the idea as a surprise present for a friend who lovvvveeees collecting stickers. I decided to collect as many stickers as possible and then make a sticker wall out of it. Sounds odd, but I can guarantee that the finished products reaps in the compliments. Continue reading “Sticker Mania”


Back at it again?

Hey hey, guess who’s blogging again?

Yes, yes…. I know. I may or may not have a lot of explaining to do about the lack of posting..

Mainly, my lack of posting is due to being quite overwhelmed during my first year at University in Germany. As an explanation and with the benefit of hindsight, I brainstormed the main reasons for neglecting the baby that was this blog idea and decided to include them in my first blog entry back in the scene. Continue reading “Back at it again?”

A German Freshers Week

Germany’s take on Freshers Week is…different. Forget going out every night, trying out all the night clubs, loud pre-drinks in every pantry and girls wearing next-to-no clothes in the unforgivingly cold Scottish winds. I would even go as far as saying that Tübingen doesn’t have a Freshers Week as such. However, this does not mean a Freshers Week in Tübingen is boring. In fact, quite the opposite. Continue reading “A German Freshers Week”

Uni Application from Hell

When I first told people that I was moving to Germany they all quickly replied asking if I was nervous. They’d watch me intently as I calculated a suitable answer. Truthfully, I was extremely nervous one second, then genuinely excited to move country the next. I guess I just had no idea what to expect but having moved away from home before made me somehow calm(-ish) when I needed to be. Continue reading “Uni Application from Hell”

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