Sticker Mania

Ever heard of a sticker wall?

I love FREE stickers. You love FREE stickers too? Wuhoooo, listen up!

Honestly, I had never heard a sticker wall as such but I came across the idea as a surprise present for a friend who lovvvveeees collecting stickers. I decided to collect as many stickers as possible and then make a sticker wall out of it. Sounds odd, but I can guarantee that the finished products reaps in the compliments. Continue reading “Sticker Mania”


A German Freshers Week

Germany’s take on Freshers Week is…different. Forget going out every night, trying out all the night clubs, loud pre-drinks in every pantry and girls wearing next-to-no clothes in the unforgivingly cold Scottish winds. I would even go as far as saying that Tübingen doesn’t have a Freshers Week as such. However, this does not mean a Freshers Week in Tübingen is boring. In fact, quite the opposite. Continue reading “A German Freshers Week”

Uni Application from Hell

When I first told people that I was moving to Germany they all quickly replied asking if I was nervous. They’d watch me intently as I calculated a suitable answer. Truthfully, I was extremely nervous one second, then genuinely excited to move country the next. I guess I just had no idea what to expect but having moved away from home before made me somehow calm(-ish) when I needed to be. Continue reading “Uni Application from Hell”

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